What a muddy Future

On March 5th myself and about fifty thousand other music lovers braved the weather and attended the Future Music festival. The rain seemed to hold off but the rain for three days before defiantly made things a little muddy. If anything the mud just made everything a little more fun!

Braving the Mud. Brooke Wade, Jessica Magee, Myself

I arrived at around 2.15 which meant I was lucky enough to catch the end of Gypsy and the Cat. Their last song was Jona Vark. Fantastic! I was told that they were one of the best acts at Splendour in the Grass last year and I think they defiantly lived up to expectation at Future. After a quick drinks stop it was time for Ke$ha. She was good with her glitter guns and stuff but everyone was a little disappointed when she didn’t sing her latest hit We R who we R. However, everyone went wild when she sung her last song and debut hit, Tik Tok.

Ke$ha on the Future Music stage

Right after Ke$ha Art v. Science hit the stage. I have seem them a few times before at Parklife and they never disappoint. Playing all their best music. At this stage my friends and I were at the very front of the mosh just in time for the Presets. I went to the Presets concert at Riverstage about 2 years ago and they were amazing. And they were nothing less than amazing this year at Future. The mosh at this stage was getting very violent with my friend and I ending up being pushed to the ground. So we decided it was time to leave and grabbed a bite to eat while chilling out to some Presets. During Presets we decided to catch the end of MGMT which from what we heard were pretty good. However, some reviews have said they were quite average.

Pendulum was next on our list and everyone else’s too. They were fantastic! I’m not the biggest fan of Pendulum but everyone was loving them. They really impressed. The day was starting to wrap up and Chemical Brothers were on the stage. Unfortunately, I had to leave after three songs of theirs, but i was loving them! Although some people were disappointed in their set list.

The mosh

All in all Future Music defiantly had the best line up or all for the summer festivals this year. I was glad that I had spent the $135.00 to go. The mud did make things a little dangerous and dirty at times but March 5th 2011 will always be a day I will look back on with fond memories. -J

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