If I had all the money in the world… part 2

Seems I have expensive tastes.

I have been lusting over these chairs since they were released in 2002, however as usual, they are quite pricey. At about $275 a chair, it’s a very expensive way to furnish your dining room, but if I make my millions one day I’m definitely going to buy at least 4, probably 6.

Phillipe Starck Louis Ghost Chair

The Phillipe Starck Louis Ghost Chair is made from a single-mould injection polycarbonate. It comes in clear, smoke and an increasing number of other colours, including black, white and transparent orange.

It is a modern twist on the traditional Louis XV armchair, and has been used in TV shows from Gossip Girl to Ugly Betty.

Original Louis XV Chair

Ghost Chairs on Gossip Girl

The Warldorf’s version of the chair has been dressed up a little, with custom made seat and back cushions. I’m not sure whether I like them as much like this. It kind of destroys the aesthetic of the chair. The whole point is to make a completely (almost ridiculously) modern version of the chair. By putting seat pads on them, you make them a little too much like the original Louis XV chair, and therefore detract from Starck’s vision.

Thankfully, a whole heap of cheaper replicas and similar designs have started popping up all over the place. Matt Blatt has a  replica for $199. I’ll admit you’re not saving that much money but at least you’ll know the quality is great. Ikea has their ‘Tobias’ chair, a nice clean bucket-style chair for only $120. If I only make thousands, I suppose I can get by with them. They come in grey and clear just like the Starck chairs, giving you plenty of style options.

'Tobias' chair, $120, Ikea

And if the highly modern, clear furniture isn’t your thing, then you can always go the more traditional route. These Louis XV chairs have been re-upholstered in a modern striped fabric, bringing them into the 21st century but maintaining a tangible link to the past. It’s the safe, but stylish way to have designer furniture in your home. -C

Modernised Louis XV Chair


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