Steal Her Style… Aria Montgomery

Ever since I have started watching Pretty Little Liars I have developed a style crush on Lucy Hale’s character Aria Montgomery. Although nearly everything she wears is lust-worthy, I’m mainly interested in her jewellery collection, specifically, this pair of earrings.

They are just so gorgeous! And delicate, and a beautiful colour. I want them! Unfortunately, as much as I search I cannot find out where they are from or where I could get them from.

And then, by some miracle I was trawling through ASOS, looking at all the things I can’t afford when I stumbled across these…

ASOS Colour Washed Triple Leaf Drop Earrings

So, they’re not exactly the same, but I think they are a pretty good substitute.

On a side note, if you haven’t already discovered ASOS you really need to. They have all the UK brands you love but can’t find in Australia, plus they have free shipping with no minimum purchase. So head to and discover a whole new shopaholic world. -C


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