MAXImise your wardrobe

One of the biggest trends for Autumn is the maxi skirt. It’s the perfect trans-seasonal piece. It keeps you legs warm, but not so warm that you’re sweltering, during those cooler days leading up to full blown winter. They also work right now, with the warmer weather we’ve been experiencing in QLD, because they allow some air flow.

I have been searching for the perfect maxi skirt on a budget, but have yet to find the ideal fit. I did however, discover that you can fake many of the looks achieved with a maxi skirt by wearing your maxi dresses with a slight twist. And let’s face it, after years on the catwalk and in the stores, who doesn’t have a maxi dress or 8 lying around.

So the key to transforming your maxi dress into a “maxi skirt” is to layer.

Firstly, try putting a boyfriend or any old button-up shirt over your maxi dress and tying it at the waist. This way, no one really knows if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress. Button the shirt up so that you can’t see the top half of the dress. Either that, or keep the neckline open and pile on the necklaces so that the top of the dress is obscured.

Your other option is to layer a crop tee over the dress and belt it so that you don’t see where the two meet. Add a little edge to the look and only tuck the front of the shirt into the belt (as seen below). It still looks like you’re wearing a skirt but ups the fashion cred of your outfit.

And when it gets really cold (somewhere other than QLD), just layer a jumper or leather jacket over your maxi dress. Add a scarf, tights to keep your pins toasty and some edgy boots (heeled if you’re on the shorter side, flat if you’re tall and want to avoid looking like you’re on stilts) and you’ve got something new and different to wear this winter.

Whether you think this is a lasting trend and choose to invest in the maxi skirt, or if you see it as more of a passing fad, you too can pull off these fashion-forward looks without forking over too much of your hard-earned cash. -C


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