The ultimate fashion accessory

Nail polish is definitely one of my ultimate fashion accessories. It is affordable, available in multiple colours and is easy to change. My favorite brand is O.P.I. They have an amazing array of colours and types. Whether you choose glitter, shatter, matte or the usual shade of black, nail polish can really improve and add to your outfit. -J



Claire’s Top Colours for Winter

Camel is the colour du jour this season. Nail polish is the easiest way to update your wardrobes’ colour palette so why not invest in this gorgeous colour and stay on trend. Pair it with a basic black outfit for work or play. Combine it with deep wine reds or olive greens for a sophisticated final touch to your outfit.

Purple is perfect in winter. Wear deep blackcurrent or aubergines instead of basic black for a new take on dark nail polish. Contrast spring-like lilacs with dark grey and black knits for a refreshing winter look.

Evoke the feeling of summer with your nail polish if the winter cold starts to take its toll. Warm spicy reds and hot oranges will brighten up your nails and your mood until summer rounds the corner and they’ll really pop with winter’s muted colour palette of greys and neutrals.

Head to the shops and stock up on the latest colours to complete your winter wardrobe. Then get painting!

Tell us your favourite colours for AW11 in the comments section. -C

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