Unleash your inner nerd

If you are a StarWars fanatic or really any sci-fi fanatic, then Paul is the movie for you. Now I must admit, when I walked into the cinema I was not expecting much.  The trailer didn’t really do it for me and I have not seen any of Sean Pegg’s previous movies, but to my disbelief I was pleasantly surprised.

The story follows two British nerds (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), who have traveled to the US for Comic Con and and a sci-fi tour around the US. Along their travels they run into an alien called Paul (Seth Rogen), and this is where their journey begins. Paul has escaped from Area 51 and must get back to his home planet. Paul is a definite go see. It is funny, extremely nerdy, and a tiny bit crude. Paul has a fantastic comedic cast, including some of the alumni from Saturday Night Live. It has some hilarious StarWars references and is the perfect movie to unleash your inner nerd. I give Paul…


– J


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