Look at it as the fourth installment of the classic Scream movie franchise or as the beginning of a second trilogy (here’s hoping), Scream 4 premiered in Brisbane on Wednesday night at Southbank Cinemas and Jess and I were there to witness.

Now you may be skeptical, we all know remakes and revamps tend to be second-rate compared to the originals, but Wes Craven has managed to make a movie that is not only faithful to the originals, but able to stand alone as the beginning of a new trilogy. Well, at least that’s the hopeful plan.

In my opinion, the fourth Scream movie is just as good as the originals. The premise is that Sidney returns to Woodsboro on the 10th anniversary of the Ghostface murders. And yes, it is obvious that something is going to happen as a result of that, but they don’t try to hide the fact that they are following a scary movie formula, in fact, they embrace it. And it works. The fact that they managed to get the core original cast back, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette, is testament to how well they have breathed new life into the Scream franchise.

Throw in a younger cast including Emma Roberts as Sidney’s high school age cousin, Jill, and Hollywood starlets Hayden Panettiere, Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell and Lucy Hale and you manage to keep the new movie fresh and appealing to a new generation.

I’m not going to give away any secrets of the movie, because one of the brilliant things about the Scream movies is that they always kept you guessing, right until the very end. But I will tell you that it will not disappoint. If you loved the originals, you will love the fourth installment. So, you’ll have to head to cinemas and check it out for yourself. -C


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