She nailed it!

Kate Middleton, now Her Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, did what every girl hopes to do on her wedding day. She got every little detail right. The dress, the flowers, the decorations, the walk down the aisle… she did it all with the elegance, grace and poise we have seen her display on every public occasion.

Kate’s Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen had been the source of speculation for weeks prior to the wedding and it didn’t disappoint. Personally, I think it was absolutely perfect. Beautifully cut, with a tasteful train (a mere 2.75 metres, compared to Diana’s 7+ metres) and delicate lace overlay and sleeves to keep it appropriate for such a traditional occasion. If you looked really carefully, there was a slight embossed pattern over the fabric at the bottom of the dress which gave it a nice rich quality without completely overwhelming Kate and competing with the lace. She kept her jewellery simple with some drop diamond earrings and a simple tiara, apparently lent to her by the Queen herself, and once belonging to the Queen Mother.

Wills couldn’t really go wrong in military uniform, he looked very dapper. Unfortunately the braiding alone on Harry’s uniform claimed all the attention. I guess that’s what happens when your little brother outranks you.

Perhaps the one little glitch in the whole affair (for Kate anyway) was that Pippa TOTALLY stole the show in her own Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress. Designers all around the world are saying this is the dress women will be wanting to copy for their own weddings.

Even the mother of the bride did really well. Typically the person in a wedding who tends to fall short, Mrs Middleton’s ice blue dress and coat combination with a very tasteful hat, was refreshingly appropriate. Anyone who has a daughter getting married, take note, this is how it’s done.

Enough of the good, let’s move on to the fun bit. The bad, the ugly and the downright abysmal.

While Kate’s mum knocked it out of the park, Will’s step-mum Camilla fell pitifully short. From the waist up her outfit was acceptable at best. Her hat was reminiscent of hats she’s worn before. She wasn’t really pushing any fashion or style barriers there. Below the waist, things get worse, much worse. Starting with the strange embroidery around her hips. Whoever thought that it was a good idea to highlight the widest part of the Duchess of Cornwall’s hips did her a serious injustice. And it continued past the embroidery where we got slapped in the face by possibly the worse box-pleating I have ever seen. Embroidery AND box pleats, did anyone not think this was a little much?

And my pick for worst dressed of the day, based solely on her hat? If you watched on the night, you have probably already guessed it, but my worst dressed goes to Princess Beatrice of York and her antler-bow monstrosity of a hat. Perhaps she was trying to embrace her inner-Gaga? Whatever she was trying, it failed utterly and completely. Even the member of the guard behind her doesn’t know where to look! He may even be sharing a moment of horror with Princess Eugenie.

After the fun of watching the guests arrive and commenting on their outfits, there came an incredibly long and quite boring ceremony. There was lots of praying and singing and I felt sorry for the poor guests who had to stand pretty much the entire time. Finally, though, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared at the church doors and the crowds caught their first glimpse of the newly weds.

The fairytale was complete with a carriage ride to Buckingham Palace and a chaste kiss on the balcony.

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