Katy Perry, a Teenage Dream

I was lucky enough to be front and centre for Katy Perry last night at the Brisbane Entertainment centre, and I can tell you now it was Fantastic! Katy, is stunning and there was absolutely no lip sinking! The show was no stop  from the beginning with fireworks, confetti and beach balls thrown out into the audience. Katy even came out into the audience to give one lucky fan a kiss as well as  Katy also did her own version of Whitney Huston’s, I want to dance with somebody, and asked audience members to come up on stage to dance with her. There is no doubt that Katy Perry knows how to put an amazing show. -J


3 thoughts on “Katy Perry, a Teenage Dream

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  2. Hey Guys …. Do you remember the guy who was pulled on stage for a kiss with katy?
    Well that was me! and stupidly i forgot the camera was in my pocket so im searching the web for photos?
    Did you snap any?
    if so send me an email 🙂

    thanks xxx

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