Colour Blocking

It’s the colour trend for Spring ’11 that is taking the fashion world by storm. Colour blocking is basically wearing colour with colour with colour. The more the better. Seen on the catwalk in collections by Gucci and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Seeing as it is Spring already in the northern hemisphere I don’t see why we can’t embrace this fashion trend now in our Autumn, through Winter and right into Spring.

Admittedly, this is one trend that is not for the faint-hearted. However, I think that through mixing colours with some base neutrals or embracing it through accessories, anyone can pull this look off.

The biggest thing helping us with adjusting this trend to everyday fashion is the fact that camel is such a big colour right now. The perfect neutral that also steers away from the repetitive black and denim of our every day wardrobe, camel can easily help you achieve the colour blocking look.

Take some camel pants, pair them with a sheer maroon blouse and a khaki boyfriend blazer. Anchor all the colour with some black heeled boots and a black tote bag. Then slip on an embellished bib necklace and you’re good to go. The neutral colours of the jacket and pants, paired with the brighter top make this an easy way to slowly ease yourself into this trend.

For another take on the trend, try pairing a patterned top with a full skirt to cash in on the current 50s trend as well. Add some tights and knee-high boots, big earrings that don’t compete too much with the pattern of the top.

For a more casual, safe look, pair neutral khaki and caramel with a pop of coral. Nude heels if you’re that sort of person, or swap them out for some flats and head to Uni in comfort. Add a little bit of bling and a big black carry-all tote and you’re good to go.

So that’s how you can translate the Colour Blocking trend for your everyday wardrobe. And don’t forget that you can add even more colour with accessories, nail polish and makeup.

Fail-safe colour combinations include: khaki, purple & navy; camel, red/maroon & teal; orange, fuschia & grey. But really, it’s your wardrobe, so start exploring and putting together your own combinations. Pretty much anything goes with this new trend. Whether you play it safe or go wild, you’ll be sure to brighten up those grey winter days. -C


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