Welcome to the Geordie Shore B!*@H!

Ok, so it is no secret that i’m a sucker for reality TV. Whether it’s the Hills, Jersey Shore or Kell on Earth, I love my reality. So for those of you who are just as big a fan as I am about MTV’s reality show The Jersey Shore, you will be excited to learn that MTV UK has come up with their own version of the show, The Geordie Shore.

The show follows eight 20-somethings from Newcastle (a city located in North East England) partying it up in a house at the Geordie Shore – pretty much the Jersey Shore but in England. The cast all seem very similar to that of Snookie and the Situation but English… oh and the guys in the Geordie house are slightly more attractive than those from Jersey, but that could just be the accent.

I wonder if I will become just as addicted?  That answer is most probably inevitably, yes. So I will take you guys down with me. Check out some of the trailers below.     -J


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