Biggest opening weekend for a comedy EVER! But does it compare?

Over the past few months I have blogged about the return of the Wolfpack and on Thursday the Hangover Pt 2 hit cinemas all over the world. In it’s opening weekend the Hangover Pt 2 made $139 million in the US, breaking the record for biggest comedy opening. The sequel’s opening day was event bigger than the entire opening weekend of Hangover 1. But the big question is does it compare to the original? Well lets just say the writers didn’t stray too far from the original script. The Hangover Pt 2 is pretty much the Hangover 1 just set in Bangkok. From beginning to end the movie is set just like the original [ I was told that if you time the movie from the very beginning it is at the exact same minute where they find the baby in the first movie as when the find the monkey in the second].

One thing I hate about advertising for movies these days it that they seem to put all the funny parts in the trailer, leaving nothing to surprise you in the film itself. Lucky enough, in the Hangover pt 2 there are still many amusing scenes left unspoiled. I enjoyed the movie and while I still think the original is my favourite, they defiantly tired to not to disappoint. The characters are all back and are  just as amusing as they were in the original and the film has many laughs and surprises.

My favourite part of the original was the photos during the end credits [I actually think this is the funniest part] well the Hangover Pt 2 also has some very hilarious and interesting photos for you to enjoy. So does it compare? I think this film is what it is, a sequel to a great comedy. Nonetheless, it is still enjoyable.

I give the Hangover Pt 2…



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