10 must have accessories

10 must have accessories that I think that every girl should have.

1. A watch

If you are a busy girl then you must always have a watch to make sure you are on time to your appointments. I recently purchased this blinging watch from ASOS.

2. A sun hat.

A sun hat comes in perfect for those sunday morning brunches or a walk in the park for when you must protect your skin from the sun.

3. A necklace.

I personally love gold necklaces with a pendant. They are delicate looking and bling up your outfit.

4.  A wedge.

My new favourite pair of shoes are a pair of black suede wedges which I bought from Target for $50 [believe it]. I feel like I can wear them anywhere and everywhere.

5. A knee-high.

Knee hight boots are fantastic for those colder months. They keep your legs warm and well… they look hot!

6. A blush.

There is nothing worse than a powder blush that makes you look like a clown. I have 2 powder blushes [one for summer, one for winter]. This winter I am using a peach coloured mineral powder blush and it is fantastic.

7 . A manicure.

Nothing completes an outfit better than a manicure. I am obsessed with Sally Hansen nails.

8. A case.

I think anyone who does not own a case for their iPhone is an idiot [sorry]. I have seen way too many broken iPhone screens. I picked up a $10 iPhone case at my local shopping centre. It is simple and stylish and has prevented my phone from becoming a statistic.

9. A  stud.

No, I do not mean a male companion. I am talking about the bling for your ears. I wear studs all the time because I feel they bring out my eyes.

10. A tote.

I feel this is the most important accessory because where are you going to put all your other accessories with out it? A great tote bag can make your outfit and it is something that will probably last forever if you buy a good one.



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