Over the Knee Boots

Today I bought these amazing over-the-knee boots from Payless Shoes for $60! Such a steal! I was so excited about them that I immediately went home and started searching the web for some ideas of outfits to wear them with.

From the very first page of images that popped up I learnt three very important things about over-the-knee boots…

1. Only wear them with similar coloured pants/tights.

If you wear your black boots with light jeans, for example, you run the risk of looking like your legs are only a foot long, or (shock horror) that you are wearing cut off shorts. Even Kate Moss has trouble making it work, so let that be a lesson.

It’s ok though, Kate redeems herself. The walls of the fashion world have not come crashing down.

2. You walk a very fine line between fashionista and hooker.

Always err on the side of caution when deciding what to wear with your boots. I would steer clear of short skirts/dresses and bare legs if at all possible. No one wants to end up looking like they went to a fancy dress party as Katie Price aka Jordan.

3. Never EVER buy them in white! Lindsay, I’m looking at you.

No matter how famous you are or how f**ked up your life is, this is NOT acceptable!

So there they are, 3 rules to live by when purchasing/wearing over-the-knee boots.

How will I be wearing my boots? Well I’m taking inspiration from these two ladies…

Words can’t express how much I love this outfit! I want the jacket so badly! The boots with the opaque tights is perfect, the shorts are the right mix of tailored and casual and the grey tee just ties it all together so nicely.

Yes, yes, I know picture number two breaks rule number one, but obviously I will know better and swap faded blue jeans for black or blue/black ones. Apart from the denim faux pas, this is the perfect everyday look to wear with my new boots. – C


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