Be inspired.

Inspiration often hits at the weirdest times. Sometimes it’s the smallest change in your surroundings or an object you hadn’t noticed before. For me it was one vase of flowers.

I have been in the process of redesigning my parents living room for a couple of months now and everything has pretty much been decided on. The one thing we haven’t been able to nail down is the second accent colour for the room (the first one being navy blue).

We’ve bounced from aubergine, to red, to turquoise, to raspberry, to teal and back to purple again, but nothing has really seemed exactly right. Then my mum bought these flowers, put them in a vase next to a bare expanse of wall and… BAM! Second accent colour. Something we never even considered but I think it will be just perfect. It will add a bright, fresh feeling to the room which is exactly what it’s been missing.

Thanks Mum. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Now comes the fun bit. Shopping! I get to trawl through fabric houses, homewares shops and second hand stores to find the perfect yellow accents to scatter through the room. I want it to be a primary yellow, no hints of green or orange – straight yellow, as yellow as it gets.

I love this muted tone room with the bright pops of yellow. I’ll probably be a little more adventurous with pattern though.

Here are some yellow accent pieces that I would love if this was my home. -C


One thought on “Be inspired.

  1. Nature will do that! When I studied interior design, the teacher in our colors class told us if we were ever feeling stymied to simply go for a walk and look carefully at what’s out there…so true: materials, texture, color, scale, contrast.

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