Procrastinate like there’s several tomorrows…

So I am currently sitting in my room looking at my suitcase making a mental list of what i need to pack. I leave for Europe in three days and I would much rather look at Facebook than actually pack my suitcase. While doing this, I came up with a brilliant idea! If you look at the categories list to your right you may notice that there is a new category, online. When it comes to exam periods or not being able to sleep at night, we search the internet for entertainment. I personally have never really been one to watch videos on Youtube for hours, but today however, I did… and with that the online category is born.

So what have I found on my journey through the online world? Enough to write at least 2 posts a day for the next month. And that my friends, is only in the first hour. But from everything I read, searched and watched there is one video/s that has stuck out the most. Some of you may already know her but for those who don’t I introduce to you, Jenna Marbles. Jenna made her first video 11 months ago and since then has a huge following and has made many more videos. Jenna’s videos are her discussing facts of life and doing impressions of celebrities, nothing too serious. If you like what you see here, Jenna has a twitter, facebook and a vblog, so follow her and get updates when she releases a new video each week. This is defiantly a great way to procrastinate.

Anyway, here are just a couple of my favourites but there are many, many more. Enjoy.



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