The end is in sight…

I am currently lounging on the couch bundled up in a warm cardie with a cup of tea and Law & Order reruns on the TV. It seems like the best plan of action on a windy, rainy Saturday afternoon.

As I sit, my feet are resting on our brand new coffee table which has finally arrived after months of waiting. And as I look around the room I realise that it is finally looking like it might be finished soon. So I thought I’d share some of the more complete parts with you.

The new coffee table looks gorgeous with a few knick knacks, books and flowers. I had to pile some books in the open shelf underneath because my cat, Manny, thinks it is the perfect place to hide when planning an ambush.

The console table in the entrance is also looking very smart. We bought some more of the yellow flowers that inspired the accent colour, they really give a fresh feel. And we have a new mirror hanging above the table, perfect for a last minute check before you head out the door in the morning.

After we decided on the yellow accent, I found these beautiful cushions. I love the geometric pattern on the larger cushion. If only I could find a similar pattern for the Rosenstengl chair I need recovered.

Speaking of accents, I am in love with the new glass light switches we found. They match the wall colour almost exactly! And it was a complete fluke. The push-button switch is fun to press every time too.



Other things I am in love with are the 3 pendant lights hanging above the dining table. The black accents pick up the black tones in the walnut table and they lend a modern elegance to the space. All we need now is the wenge Thonet chairs to replace the current ones and tie the whole look together.

I plan to continue the black accents through the dining area in a bid to provide definition between it and the living area. I think it is important in a large open plan room to define your spaces. I also need to find a beautiful steel blue rug for the living area.

So that’s the room so far. I’ll keep you posted as the final bits of furniture arrive and I put the final decorative touches in place. -C


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