Dream room.

One of the things I have always wanted when I have a house of my own is a library. A nice cosy room lined with shelves of books and a comfy chair to curl up in. And I’m going to need it I think, given the number of books I’ve accumulated so far.

One of the things I’m starting to find really tired in interior design at the moment are these cold, all-white interiors. A home needs some warmth to it and you can’t get that when everything is white and impersonal.

A room full of books is definitely one way to add warmth and personality to a space. Here are some of my favourite libraries so far.

I love the traditional club sofa paired with the clean white shelves. The orange and brown tones that are carried through the rest of the soft furnishings and armchairs give the warmth that is needed to offset the chill from the white shelves and lamp shades.

I’m not really a fan of the decor in this room (the bright blue wall particularly), but I LOVE the colour co-ordinated books. The cynic in me wonders whether they actually owned books in every colour (and that many of each) or whether they covered some in coloured paper, or went out and bought books specifically for their coloured spines. Not that I suppose it matters too much when the end result looks that good.

And just because I love the idea and the usage of space, this staircase/bookcase. The uneven stair treads might take some getting used to but at least it looks amazing.

Another cute idea involving stairs and books is to pile a small pile of books on each step. This works really well if you don’t have a bookcase and you need somewhere to keep your books. You can even colour-code them! -C


2 thoughts on “Dream room.

  1. Great bookshelves! I had the exact same question with regard to the rainbow-library, though. I tend to assume they actually bought them according to colour, which would be weird, but, yes, it looks good. The stairs would freak me out, I bet you would kick the books with your feet on a regular basis and it soon would look chaotic and messy. At least that’s what would happen if they were my stairs. Supergorgeousgreat: the first picture, both library and sofa! So cool!

    • The idea that they bought the books just for the colour kind of ruins it for me. Books should be ones that you enjoy – so that they are a snapshot of you for anyone else looking at them. I recently saw a picture in a magazine or catalogue or something where they had placed all the books in shelves with the spines facing inwards (so the pages were all you saw). Again, this is an idea that looks cool for purely decorative reasons, but how annoying would it be trying to find a specific book!

      I like the stairs idea too. I saw an episode of Grand Designs where they built stairs that were staggered like that – Kevin said they were really weird to walk up, but the owners said you got used to it. I do think you’d end up destroying your books though, and that would be too sad.

      Anyway, I’m so glad you liked the post. Thanks for commenting, it’s so much fun to see people have commented on our posts.


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