Get unstuck.

You know when you buy a new pair of shoes and the price sticker is on the inner sole? And you just know that when you peel it of it’s going to leave a sticky square that will turn black and ugly over time? Me too.

Thankfully, years ago, a very smart lady told me a very nifty trick. Peanut butter!

I know, I was sceptical too. But it works! The oil in the peanuts helps remove the sticky residue and the grittiness acts as an abrasive to scrub away any excess.

And it’s not limited to your shoes either. It works for every possible sticker mark or sticky residue you can think of.

Problem solved!


2 thoughts on “Get unstuck.

  1. Wow. THIS is a useful post. Well, not that all the other post weren’t, but this I can apply right now and right here. I just peeled off a sticker this very morning and my heels already produce a sound when they slip out of the shoes. Thank you! In case you’re looking for me, i’m off buying peanut butter…

    • Haha! I hope it worked for you too. I just remembered it’s also good for getting things like bubblegum out of hair. My brother once got BluTak stuck in his hair at school (he fell asleep on his desk) and we used peanut butter to get it out. No cutting required. -C

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