What am I going to wear?

You know that feeling? Every girl has it. When you open up your wardrobe and have nothing to wear. Well about 4 hours ago that was me. I was actually sitting in a movie when i received a text from a friend asking me to come to the Young and Emerging Designers Party (YEDP) presented by Felix & Slink and Vogue.com.au  tonight. This is a big party hosted as part of Mercedes Bends Fashion Festival in Brisbane.

While at first I was excited, it suddenly dawned on me… What am i going to wear?? Five little words that every girl says at least once a week. So I did my research. What is the theme of the party (Rio themed), what are my friends wearing (colourful dresses) and what type of event is it (cocktail).

Once I found all this out it made the search for the perfect outfit a little bit easier. With that direction I decided that I would be responsible and recycle a dress [shock horror I know]. I would have loved to have bought something fabulously new but after being overseas for a month that is just not an option. So instead I have opted to wear a black dress. Something basic which I can accessories easily.

So the dress is sorted. On to the shoes…

Well, I have been obsessed with a pair of black velvet wedges I bought a few months ago [ I wear them to death]. So I splurged a little and picked up a pair of peep toe black leather wedges. They were on sale and I love them, so that was excuse enough.

Dress and shoes sorted. Now the accessoreis…

As the theme of the party is Rio I thought I would opt for a lot of colour. So I found a cute turquoise and black clutch which was on sale. I then drove home and rummaged throguh my jewlery box for something perfect. And I found pair of gold and purple drop earrings. Now, I didn’t want to over do it and wear every colour of the rainbow [i’m not going to a rave] so I desided to keep it to those two colours, purple and turquoise.

So to finish off my ensemble I have painted my toes turquoise and my finger nails purple, matching to my jewellery and bag. Probably a strange thing to do [I know, I always like my polishes to match] but I thought why not go all out. It’s subtle but fun!

So the moral of this story is that you can look fabulous and stylish in a recycled outfit. Just change it up with some new accessroeis. They are less expensive [most of the time] than a new dress and you will never feel ashamed to recycle them. Accessories if looked after are something you will have in your wardrobe forever.

Now I have to figure out what to wear Saturday night…


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