Steal Her Style: Emma Watson

Although I love all of Emma’s red carpet looks, I thought all those of us who rarely get to dress to the nines might appreciate a casual outfit a little bit more.

I find celebrity airport outfits the most interesting. They offer the perfect mix of comfort / I-might-get-caught-by-the-paparazzi high style.

Emma’s jeans, tee and blazer combo is perfect for everyday. Add killer heels and it will see you through a weeknight date with the girls too. Of course I’ve changed the tracksuit pants to jeans. Add an iron-on Griffindor badge to your blazer for a little whimsy.

1. A-list Attitude I Love NY T-shirt £19.95 2. Griffindor Iron-on Badge US$0.99 ebay 3. ASOS Tailored Cropped Boyfriend Blazer $88.65 4. ASOS Extra Long Mixed Metal Voila Pendant $10.64 5. Just Jeans Z Fit Super Skinny Jeans with zips $49.95 6. ASOS Peace Sign Long Pendant $14.18 7. Rosetti Loop Handle Shopper $48.74 Strandbags 8. Betts Cooper Wedge Boots $69.99


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