The Inbetweeners conquer Cowboys and Aliens

My most commonly asked question over the last couple of months has been… Do you watch The Inbetweeners? Well do you? If you don’t then you are definitely missing out. The Inbetweeners is a British comedy about four teenage boys and their struggles to find girls and lose their virginity. I would hands down say, it is one of the most clever and hilarious television shows I have seen.

The show draws upon all the dilemmas that teenagers have while going through puberty and high school. The show is available on DVD and it can also be seen on Youtube.  After wrapping up the third and final season, producers announced that the show would be adapted to the big screen… and so it was.

The Inbetweeners Movie opened last weekend in the UK and made £13.2 million beating the pants off Daniel Craigs’ new movie Cowboys and Aliens, which only made £1.8 million. This just goes to show how much of a cult following this show has. So if you’re not already on the band wagon, it’s about time you were.

The Inbetweeners Movie is set to hit Australian screens on October 20.

Watch the trailer here.



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