A new addiction.

It was today while I was looking for inspiration about what to write when I suddenly realised that I have a new addiction. While scrolling through page after page of online shopping sites, it dawned on me. I have addiction to sunglasses.

So instead of making another purchase [I have already made one this week] I decided I would share with you what my favourite sunnies are. Now don’t fret, it’s not like I own 50 pairs of designer glasses [only two I also love my cheap rip offs] these are just a select few I have been wishing I could buy.

These are number one on my wish list [found them today] from Victoria Beckham’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

Victoria Beckham – VB0067 Metal/Acetate Large ‘V’ Taupe

Second on my wish list are these sunnies from Tom Ford. I don’t think they would suit me but they are pretty just to look at, don’t you think?

Tom Ford – Nakita 

Now these use to be on my wish list until recently… because I bought them…

Gucci – GG 3155 Wayfarer

My third and final pair of sunnies [for now] on my wish list are these, also from Victoria Beckham, fall collection 2010.

Victoria Beckham – Vb0044 Metal Acetate

So, if I have now converted you to the amazingness of sunglasses, I will leave you with this quote.

Always have sunglasses with you. They`re great for when you can`t be bothered to put make-up on. – Alison Goldfrapp


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