Crush of the Moment: Zoe Hart

I love Spring in Australia, not only because of the weather and the cute clothes, but because all the fresh new American shows are released.

I’m currently loving Rachel Bilson in her new show Hart of Dixie. It does take a little while to adjust to her being an adult and a doctor considering I’m so used to seeing her as Summer Roberts, but she’s still just as lovable.

Basically she plays Zoe Hart, a New York doctor who ends up in a little Alabama town called Bluebell after she loses out on the cardiothoracic surgery fellowship she’s been working towards her whole life. Obviously hilarity and hijinks ensue.

So far, Zoe has worn some amazing outfits as well. I don’t know if they’re exactly appropriate for a small country town, but they look amazing! I’m hoping she doesn’t aclimatise too well fashion-wise later in the season.

This is the outfit she wears on the bus into Bluebell (and considering her mother turns up in a limo later on, I’m wondering why she didn’t just hire a car or something, but anyway). It’s a cute little shorts suit ensemble that is totally adorable and totally inappropriate at the same time, but I love it.

The other amazing outfit she wears is this peg-leg trouser, stripe tee combo (the girl really knows how to work her basic tees). I’m personally in love with her medical bag. So old-school, so chic. I’m wondering if it’s something she bought with her or picked up in Bluebell?

The giant black guy is the Mayor of Bluebell (yep, black mayor in Alabama = awesomeness). He’s also a fictitious ex-football star and constantly refers to himself in the third person (so far it’s adorable, but it could get annoying).

So that’s Hart of Dixie. If you haven’t seen it I strongly suggest giving it a look. It definitely has promise.


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