Getting Hot, Feeling Hot, Looking Hot

I have recently joined the gym and I am loving it. My 2012 resolution to get fit and healthy this year is off to a great start. However, while you may be sweating it out there is no need not to look good while you do. No, I do not mean wearing a full face of make up [that cannot be good for your skin] I am talking about gym clothes! Yes, you can look super cute and sweat at the same time. Check out some of these great options available at Lorna Jane. They are all comfortable and affordable. Now you too can look just as stylish as the celebs when you do your next work out.

1. Everyday 3/4 tight $69.99

2. Comfort sports bra $65.99

3. Tee hooded mandy tee $49.99

4. Cash excel kickshort $59.99

5. Emma run singlet $56.99

Check out the Lorna Jane website for more great gym looks.



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