So much to look forward to this Autumn

Summer is almost over, but don’t fret, there is a lot to look forward to in fashion this autumn. From hats to tights, dresses to jeans, you will love what is in store. I have been overseas for the past three weeks [hence there not being any posts] and walking around the shops, it was to my surprise how many great items I have found and what looks seem to be trending for autumn 2012.

While pursuing my retail research I have seen a lot of use of colour. In the way of, plumb, blue, mustard, grey and black. I have also seen a lot of velvet used in clothes and shoes, felt, and fur [faux of course]. So here is a brief outline of what to expect this coming season.


Expect to see a lot of pencil and tube skirts. These skirts come in a range of autumn colours like blue and mustard. These skirts are not just for the office. Wear them day to day with a cute knitted sweater or a loose fitted blouse.







Coloured coats are a great for those cooler nights in autumn. Coming in a range of colours like red, mustard and black. These coats are seen in wool and felt. Faux fur coats are also back this year but also available in some great colours like green and blue.







Everyone needs a pair of jeans in autumn. But there is no need to stick to the plain blue, be adventurous there are plenty of colours to choose from. From deep reds, pinks and dark greens. These jeans will brighten up those autumn days.







Brightly coloured and patterned leggings are going to be big this coming season. And it is always great to have a pair of leggings for those more relaxed occasions or god forbid those fat days… Leggings are great with an oversized plain top and a scarf if it is bit chilly.







It’s a more relaxed approach to dresses this autumn. I have seen a lot of block coloured shift dresses as well as a few lace cut out dresses.








There are a lot of sweaters/jumpers in store for autumn. Knitted, fancy designs, colourful and very cosie. A great staple for an autumn wardrobe!






Moving on to accessories…


Big chunky metal, what I call cuff necklaces [because they remind me of the cuffs you wear on your arm]. Coming in rose gold and metallic. As well as cuff bangles and chunky metal rings.







Satchels look like they are here to stay. Available in some fantastic autumn colours.






Shoes, Belts and Hats

In the way of shoes I have seen a lot of velvet coloured heels in plumb, black, brown and green with block heels and a bit of a platform. Ankle boots are also looking to be a bit of a trend with a kind of a country vibe to them.

Seen a lot on the red carpet at the SAG awards this year is the warrior belt. Coming in sliver, gold and rose gold. I have also seen a lot of skinny belts in multiple colours.

I have so many hats and I added to my collection today… The panama is making a huge come back this season. Available is many of the fantastic autumn colours also.


A good pair of tights can last you years. This autumn tights are in a range of colours from red to blue. Pattered tights are also back, with some great designs to choose from.


So prepare to break the bank [again] this autumn. With all these amazing pieces, how could you not.

Photos taken from shop online now. Thoughts are my own.



Mix and match your bling

Throughout New York fashion week, stylish ladies have been turning up wearing piled on jewellery around their wrists. So why not try it out for yourself. Just going to say, I have been doing this for years, just ask Claire.

The best thing about this style is that you don’t really have to worry about matching. You don’t have to stick to just gold or sliver, metal or leather or beads. You can mix and match them together. The trick is to choose one piece of jewellery as your centre point and have the rest of the jewellery work around it. For instance in the photo above, the watch is the main piece and all the other bangles and bracelets are matched off that.

Jewellery is the best way to show your own personal style. It doesn’t matter if it is an expensive piece of jewellery, or for lack of a better word ‘cheap’ piece of jewellery. It shows your own style and converts any normal outfit into a polished look. And lets be honest, if you are anything like me, you probably have copious amounts of jewellery sitting on your duchess at home. So put on some arm candy and work it!


Steal Her Style… Aria Montgomery

Ever since I have started watching Pretty Little Liars I have developed a style crush on Lucy Hale’s character Aria Montgomery. Although nearly everything she wears is lust-worthy, I’m mainly interested in her jewellery collection, specifically, this pair of earrings.

They are just so gorgeous! And delicate, and a beautiful colour. I want them! Unfortunately, as much as I search I cannot find out where they are from or where I could get them from.

And then, by some miracle I was trawling through ASOS, looking at all the things I can’t afford when I stumbled across these…

ASOS Colour Washed Triple Leaf Drop Earrings

So, they’re not exactly the same, but I think they are a pretty good substitute.

On a side note, if you haven’t already discovered ASOS you really need to. They have all the UK brands you love but can’t find in Australia, plus they have free shipping with no minimum purchase. So head to and discover a whole new shopaholic world. -C