What’s trending: NEON!

To all you colour craving fashion lovers, there is no need to fret. Just because summer is over and colour blocking feels like a trend of the past, I have something new for you. It’s called neon, and it is everywhere! Yes, that’s right, those highlighter pens which you used back in school are the colours of this spring. So there is light at the end of this wintery tunnel we are heading towards, a fluorescent light you could say, and it will be beautiful.

Check out some of these neon looks.


From Winter to Spring

Finally, spring is here! And while the days can be quiet warm if you’re out in the sun, it can also get very cool when you’re not. So for the perfect spring ensemble pull out some of your summer shorts and pair them with a nice tee and a blazer [my most worn item of clothing]. It doesn’t matter if you wear denim, black or white shorts or a coloured blazer other than the usual black, this look is classy and fresh and can take you from day to night. Just add some extra jewellery and some heels to perfect your night look.  Another plus, is that you don’t need to break the bank as these staple items are probably already in your closet.

– J

To keep you warm…

Winter has well and truely arrived. It is freezing  [well for Brisbane] so here is something thing that will keep you warm. One of my favourite things about winter is that you can accessories with a fantastic coat or jacket. And today as I walked around Brisbane I noticed that everyone [but me] had their winter coats on. So here are just a few different kinds of coats which I love.

The classic black wool winter coat:

Perfect to wear anytime of the day. It can be dressed up or dressed down. A stapel for your winter wardrobe.

The military coat:

In fashion lately, military styles are being seen everywhere. The perfect way to put some military into your look is by wearing a military style coat.

The Trench:

Another classic stapel for a winter wardrobe. I love both black and tan trench coats. I find them so classy. Trench coats are great for wet days as they will keep you dry and warm. And no one likes the smell of a wet winter coat.

Grey winter coat:

I think this style is perfect for day to day wear. When purchasing a grey coat look for one that has embellishments on more of a skirt. This makes it look more feminine and can also translate into night wear.

Which ever coat you chose it will defiantly be an investment piece. So don’t be stingy and buy something that allows you to wear layers underneath and that is good quality.


Hot Chocolate

My newest obsession is chocolate, but not the food kind (although I love it too). I’m talking about chocolate brown, one of the hottest colours for winter. Adding this warm hue to your wardrobe is a sure way to keep the winter chill away.

Three small and simple ways to add chocolate to your fashion diet?

1. Nailpolish.

Take a leaf out of Lauren Conrad’s book and try chocolate nails.

Rimmel 540 Chocolate Fountain

Jess and I are constantly telling you that nailpolish is the easiest (and cheapest) way to update your look. Well, it is! This Rimmel nailpolish is only $9.99. You can’t get much better than that. You might even have some change left over for a sneaky choccy bar.

2. Brown Smokey Eye

A brown smokey eye is the perfect antidote to the harsh, cold winter weather. It’s just as dramatic as a black smokey look but not as severe. Take your cue from these celebrity looks.

Try this Bobbi Brown palette to achieve this look.

3. Handbags

Embrace chocolate leather in your handbag. It’s the perfect neutral, like black, but it will go with so much more because it’s not as harsh.

Try these bags available from Strandbags.

The Blazer

I would have to say that one of my favorite items in my wardrobe is my blazer – simple black with a silk leopard lining. A blazer can ad to any look and the fantastic thing about a blazer is that you can wear it all through winter, and the cooler parts of spring and autumn. Blazers are available in all types of colours, cuts and designs. Here are just a few…

The black boyfriend blazer:

The boyfriend blazer is great to wear day to night. For a day look, pair with a jeans and and simple t-shirt. Or for a night look wear over a dress with tight and heels. The boyfriend blazer is also great work work attire. You will also find a lot of black blazers come with nice lining, so roll up the sleeves to change up your look.

The coloured blazer:

Top shop offer a wide range of different coloured blazers on their website. Stay in style by finishing your look with this seasons camel coloured blazer.

The white blazer:

The white blazer kind of reminds me of Miami Vice, but it looks great with neutrals. So wear it with a beige top and white pants. The white blazer would be perfect for a business lunch.

The grey blazer:

If you are not daring enough to wear a brightly coloured blazer then grey is defiantly a good change from black. The grey blazer is perfect for day to day wear.

The cropped/shoulder pad blazer:

Personally, I think cropped blazer or a blazer with shoulder pads are better suited to night time occasions. If you are heading out for a few drinks a cropped blazer is a great option and it still reveals what you are wearing underneath. You will find cropped blazers are also more tailored.  And a great shoulder padded blazer also adds more structure to your outfit.

As you can see there are many options out there, so try them all until you find the blazer which you like best. I promise you, it will be in your wardrobe for many seasons to come.


MAXImise your wardrobe

One of the biggest trends for Autumn is the maxi skirt. It’s the perfect trans-seasonal piece. It keeps you legs warm, but not so warm that you’re sweltering, during those cooler days leading up to full blown winter. They also work right now, with the warmer weather we’ve been experiencing in QLD, because they allow some air flow.

I have been searching for the perfect maxi skirt on a budget, but have yet to find the ideal fit. I did however, discover that you can fake many of the looks achieved with a maxi skirt by wearing your maxi dresses with a slight twist. And let’s face it, after years on the catwalk and in the stores, who doesn’t have a maxi dress or 8 lying around.

So the key to transforming your maxi dress into a “maxi skirt” is to layer.

Firstly, try putting a boyfriend or any old button-up shirt over your maxi dress and tying it at the waist. This way, no one really knows if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress. Button the shirt up so that you can’t see the top half of the dress. Either that, or keep the neckline open and pile on the necklaces so that the top of the dress is obscured.

Your other option is to layer a crop tee over the dress and belt it so that you don’t see where the two meet. Add a little edge to the look and only tuck the front of the shirt into the belt (as seen below). It still looks like you’re wearing a skirt but ups the fashion cred of your outfit.

And when it gets really cold (somewhere other than QLD), just layer a jumper or leather jacket over your maxi dress. Add a scarf, tights to keep your pins toasty and some edgy boots (heeled if you’re on the shorter side, flat if you’re tall and want to avoid looking like you’re on stilts) and you’ve got something new and different to wear this winter.

Whether you think this is a lasting trend and choose to invest in the maxi skirt, or if you see it as more of a passing fad, you too can pull off these fashion-forward looks without forking over too much of your hard-earned cash. -C

The classic fashion staple

Sportsgirl leather A-line skirt $129.95

Why is it that when you look in your wardrobe it is always difficult to find something to wear. If I have an event or party to attend, I am always trying to work out in my head just exactly what I want to wear. I especially hate doing the rush dash to the shops to try and find that perfect dress because you feel like you have worn everything else. Fed up with the countless impulse buy dresses I purchase I have made one very smart investment for this winter, a leather skirt.  The leather skirt is the perfect answer to all my fashion woes. It is something that can be dressed up for a night on the town, or dressed down for a quite dinner with friends.

Just say I plan on having a quite dinner with drinks. I would pair my spiffy new leather skirt with a white or black tank, a long charm necklaces, a few colourful bangles and a pair of black patent heels or flats.

For cooler nights you can easily pair this look with a boyfriend blazer. If you want it to be a little more dressy pair it with a cropped blazer with shoulder pads.

For a birthday, you can dress your leather skirt up with a sparkely top, a pair of heels (I prefer my black patent heels), some drop earrings and a cocktail ring.

I really like this long sleeved sequin top from Witchery.

Witchery embellished long sleeve shirt

If you are not a fan of long sleeves and want to use this same look, Witchery also offer an embellished sequin tank, which you can pair with a fitted blazer on a cooler evening.

You can also add a pair of opaque or embellished tights to keep your pins warm. If so, wear with a pair of velvet or matte finished heels.

Alternatively, to keep your leather skirt very casual for a daytime look during winter, try pairing it with a printed tee and a slouchy cardigan. Add the obligatory tights and some ballet flats or combat boots and you have the perfect casual look.

Just Jeans Printed Chain Tee $29.95(sale)

Sportsgirl Reverse Stitch Cardi $79.95

The beauty of the leather skirt is that it doesn’t loose its shape and is hard to damage. You also don’t have to wash it after every wear. The leather skirt is fashion item that you will have in your wardrobe for years to come. A classic fashion staple.